Death on a family road trip.

In my family, there are exactly two kinds of death. The one you talk about, and the one you don’t.

If someone my age talked about death the way my grandma does, I’d consider them clinically depressed. When she mentions moving to the cemetery, I take another sip of her…

Use data to choose which articles to optimize — and get results with just 15 minutes of work.

Too often we content marketers look at our site analytics the same way we admire the Mississippi or rising storm clouds. We see, we feel, we appreciate the power… But we don’t do anything.

Using only Google’s free Search Console and Data Studio, you can build a scatter plot that…

In early 2021 I signed up for the GPT-3 beta program to see how good it is. A few days later I had co-authored Aum Golly — a book of AI poems on humanity. A few months later it was published. This is what it means for writers and publishers.

Aum Golly — Poems on Humanity by an Artificial Intelligence. Photo: Jukka Aalho

On January 30, 2021, I realized I was the weak link.

I had been working with GPT-3, the autoregressive language model from OpenAI for 2 hours. I was tired. My creative juices were running low. …

Finishing a book is infinitely more difficult than starting it, but with these 4 data-backed ways you’ll be much closer to achieving your dream

Photo Courtesy of the Writer.

I’ll spoil this article for you: to finish your book, you need to get started and you need to keep going. The following tips are ways to do just that, nothing more and nothing less.

These productivity tips are based on my 3-year quantifying creativity project in which I tracked…

Jukka Aalho

Writer | Marketer | TEDx Speaker | Creative Entrepreneur. Co-author of Aum Golly – Poems on Humanity by an Artificial Intelligence.

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