Use data to choose which articles to optimize — and get results with just 15 minutes of work.

Too often we content marketers look at our site analytics the same way we admire the Mississippi or rising storm clouds. We see, we feel, we appreciate the power… But we don’t do anything.

Using only Google’s free Search Console and Data Studio, you can build a scatter plot that will help you pick which articles to optimize — and get a week’s worth of results in under an hour.

Image: Jukka Aalho

This article will show you how to make a simple scatter plot that unlocks powerful insights into your content. Follow the instructions and you’ll soon find out which 2–3 content…

In early 2021 I signed up for the GPT-3 beta program to see how good it is. A few days later I had co-authored Aum Golly — a book of AI poems on humanity. A few months later it was published. This is what it means for writers and publishers.

Aum Golly — Poems on Humanity by an Artificial Intelligence. Photo: Jukka Aalho

On January 30, 2021, I realized I was the weak link.

I had been working with GPT-3, the autoregressive language model from OpenAI for 2 hours. I was tired. My creative juices were running low. We had maybe 5 poems ready — out of the 60 or so poems we needed for the book.

I stared at the blinking cursor. GPT-3 was patiently waiting for my input.

To finish the project in the 24 hours I had given myself, I realized I had to change the way I wrote. I had to lean more into GPT-3. …

Edit March 12, 2018: The iTunes xml that this method uses to fetch the data seems to work again. The method should we valid as is but be aware that if the iTunes feed breaks or they change something, you won’t get data anymore.

Edit, February 24, 2018: The iTunes xml that I used to fetch the data from has apparently been changed. A URL such as is no longer valid, so the method fails. If you find a working RSS feed for your genre, the methodology is still valid though. Best of luck!

Do you want to track…

Finishing a book is infinitely more difficult than starting it, but with these 4 data-backed ways you’ll be much closer to achieving your dream

Photo Courtesy of the Writer.

I’ll spoil this article for you: to finish your book, you need to get started and you need to keep going. The following tips are ways to do just that, nothing more and nothing less.

These productivity tips are based on my 3-year quantifying creativity project in which I tracked every minute it took to write a book. You can read more about that project in this in-depth article — or jump right into the juicy bits with these 4 data-backed ways to start and finish the book you’ve always wanted to write.

1. Write for at least 20 minutes per day 5 days a week

Lack of time. Lack of time. Lack…

Let’s face it. Conversion optimization is like sex in high school. Everybody’s talking about it… You think they’re busy at it while you just sit there doing it the old-fashioned way.

The reality is that actually getting busy with conversion optimization isn’t that common. This article will help you build 4 different landing pages and organize a fun little Landing Page Tournament. Use these templates and you’ve done more to boost your PPC conversion rates than all the button color tests since Caesar crossed the Rubicon.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 4 different landing page templates: One Punch, War & Peace…

How loud should your podcast be? There are standards and then there’s the reality. I analyzed over 600 top US podcast episodes to find out the true loudness you should aim for.

The Podcast Loudness Standards from Apple are:

  • overall loudness remains around -16 dB LKFS, with a +/- 1 dB tolerance
  • the true-peak value doesn’t exceed -1 dB FS

This post is about the reality. I crawled the iTunes pages for a handful of top-100 podcasts from different genres, scraped the related podcast episodes and analyzed their loudness with the ffmepg command line tool.

Jumps in loudness are not good for our blood pressure. Be more like Nappi.

The data set includes:

  • 606…

Can tracking creativity help you be more productive? Will listening to binaural beats unlock some secret source of creativity? If all you have is 30 minutes per day and a lifetime supply of self-doubt, is it possible to power through and write a book?

In 2017, I decided to write a modern road trip novel and track every minute of the book project into a spreadsheet called the Spreadsheet of Life. I shared my findings in my TEDx talk, but this article will go deeper. Strap in.

Can you hack creativity with data? …

Tämä artikkeli on julkaistu alun perin Jukka Aholan kirjoittamista ja markkinointia käsittelevässä blogissa.

Hyvä puhe on helpompi määritellä kuin suunnitella. Hyvä puhe on myös helpompi suunnitella kuin pitää. Juhana Torkki kuvailee ansiokkaasti vakuuttavan puheen ominaisuuksia kirjassaan Puhevalta – Kuinka kuulijat vakuutetaan. Antiikin viisailta sanapainonsa lainaava Torkki antaa myös useita käytännön neuvoja, joita puhujat voivat soveltaa omaan puheeseensa.

Kokonaisen kirjan opit on kuitenkin vaikea viedä käytäntöön silloin kun puhe pitäisi oikeasti pitää. Kaikkien retoristen pallojen pitäminen ilmassa on hankalampaa kuin muutamalla pallolla aloittaminen.

Siksi keräsinkin Torkin mainioon kirjaan pohjautuvat opit iskulauseiksi, joista voit joko etsiä inspiraatiota omaan puheeseesi tai. …

Did you just start a business or are you mired up in a brand renewal? Do you think you need a corporate slogan because every other business (except those that sell slogans) already has one? Here are 5 easy ways to come up with an easy slogan.

1. Easy and Reliable Slogans Since 1986

This formula works for any type of business. Think of two adjectives (reliable, effective…) and pull out that paper that says when you founded your business.

Brave and Pioneering Brewing Since 1885.

Agile and Lean R&D Since 2011.

Jukka Aalho

Writer | Copywriter | Storyteller | Oulu, Finland

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