5 Easy Ways to Write an Easy Slogan

Did you just start a business or are you mired up in a brand renewal? Do you think you need a corporate slogan because every other business (except those that sell slogans) already has one? Here are 5 easy ways to come up with an easy slogan.

1. Easy and Reliable Slogans Since 1986

This formula works for any type of business. Think of two adjectives (reliable, effective…) and pull out that paper that says when you founded your business.

2 minutes; super easy

2. Dot. Dot. Dot.

Did you come up with three adjectives with Easy Slogan Formula Nr 1? Perfect. Combine them into one killer slogan with a few aggressive punctuation marks.

5 minutes; very easy

3. The Adjective Business

You only need three words for this: the definite article, an adjective and your business.

2 minutes; very easy

4. ______ but _______

What do you want to be? And what can’t you be, because you really want to be that first thing? Combine these two words and sprinkle a little advertising magic on top.

15 minutes; very easy

5. The Content Marketing Slogan

Luckily for you content marketing is still all the rage. It means that your slogan needn’t have anything to do with you business if it drives engagement in your target segment — i.e. millennials don’t hate it.

Luckily for you content marketing is still all the rage.

Creating a Content Marketing Slogan is easy: take your favorite song title and smack it under your logo. Extra points for having song titles translated into Italian (only if you’re in the business of frozen pizzas).

20 minutes; tomato

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